Try the ATC Vocabulary Builder

The ATC Vocabulary Builder is a learning program that teaches you how to speak the language of Air Traffic Control.

The full program is still in development and will be offered for sale when it is complete. In the meantime, try the example below, and check out the Learn More page for greater detail. You can also get updates on the ATC Vocabulary Builder by going to

  • This is a Flash-based program. If you do not see the “START” button below, ensure you are using a Flash-compatible browser with the Flash/Shockwave (version 10 or later) plug-in installed.
  • Highly recommended: switch your browser’s screen view to Full Screen to get the best view of the program.
  • Make sure your computer’s volume is turned up. This program uses sound.
  • You will see four boxes with images. Listen to ATC, then choose the image that matches the ATC clearance or word by clicking it with your mouse. Click “Confirm” to lock in your answer.

If you are using Internet Explorer, or any browser that will not display the “START” button below, try this direct link to the program: ATC Vocabulary Builder

Here is a sample of one segment of the program: